A beautiful smile
is your best
calling card.

Welcome at De Tanden Kliniek

De Tanden Kliniek believes that there's no such thing as bad teeth; we offer a solution for every problem. With passion and dedication we focus on expertise, attention to personal needs and customer satisfaction. Our standard for a satisfied patient is that your family and best friends trust us with your care.

We look forward to meeting you.

Maarten Lemmens Annemie Grobbink


Parking space is available in the street opposite the practice for a tariff of � 4,- per hour.
Should there be no space available, you can also park your car in the Qpark parking garage on Museum Square.

You can plan your journey with public transport via 9292OV.nl (available in English).

Our Location

De Tanden Kliniek

Pieter Baststraat 21 - 27 t: 020 - 4714140
1071TV Amsterdam e: info@detandenkliniek.com
Reachable by Phone from Monday to Friday between 8.00 and 16.30.

What we can do for you

We offer all facets of dentistry.

  • Regular check-ups and maintenance
  • Oral hygiene
  • Aesthetic analysis
  • Whitening
  • Facings of porcelain and white filling material
  • Orthodontics for adults
  • Replacement of dark fillings
  • Aesthetic gum corrections
  • Implantology
  • Periodontology
  • Functional dental care

Regular check-ups and maintenance

Healthy teeth are important to everyone.

Generally, you only feel pain when the cause of that pain has reached an advanced state. This is a good reason to have your teeth and gums regularly checked.

A check-up naturally includes an examination for cavities, but aside from this we also check your gums and examine whether your teeth are stable and functioning properly.
The frequency of check-ups is determined on an individual basis, but normally check-ups take place once or twice every year.

Oral hygiene

Many people unknowingly suffer from inflammation of the gums. Gums become inflamed when a thin layer of plaque or tartar sticks to the teeth.

Chronic inflammation of the gums can, in time, lead to degradation of the jawbone. This process often happens over a longer period of time without any tell-tale symptoms. Eventually, teeth may become loose or you might even lose teeth.

During a treatment all tartar and plaque is removed and you are instructed on how to clean your teeth yourself with as little effort as possible. The result is healthy gums and fresh teeth.

Aesthetic analysis

Our philosophy is that beautiful teeth are the logical consequence of good teeth. And good teeth are the best guarantee of a carefree smile. Our goal is to not deliver a pretty picture. Our goal is to make each set of teeth as healthy as can be. Beautiful teeth will follow as a matter of course.

The set, shape and colour of teeth give us much information. By carefully studying the aesthetics of teeth, we can often deduce where and why it went 'wrong'. And only once you know what went 'wrong', can you treat and repair teeth for the long-term.

In order to do this, we make photos of your face and close-up photos of your mouth and teeth.


Whitening teeth can be done in two ways. The so-called 'office bleach' method or the 'home bleaching' method.

The advantage of office bleaching is that the treatment lasts only 90 minutes and the result is instantly visible.

With home bleaching you are given transparent dental bits and whitening gel to take home and you can whiten your teeth at home for 2 to 8 hours. The advantage of this method is that you can decide for yourself when you think your teeth are white enough and that you can always start using the dental bits again when you think your teeth are becoming discoloured again.

At De Tanden Kliniek we offer the 'home bleaching' method.

Facings of porcelain and white filling material

Discoloured, broken, worn or crooked teeth can often easily be made more beautiful with a veneer. A veneer is a thin shield made from porcelain or composite (white filling) material, which is placed over the tooth. The aim is always to work as minimally or as non-invasive as possible. This means we will try to carry out the treatment without having to cut part of your own teeth.

The choice of material for the veneer depends on your wishes and the possibilities. Both materials have advantages and disadvantages. We are more than happy to inform you about this and help you make the right choice.

Orthodontics for adults

Erroneously, it is often thought that braces are mostly meant for children with crooked teeth.

In fact, the treatment is often quicker and simpler for adults. Sometimes braces are the most appropriate treatment to beautify teeth in a lasting manner. Sometimes orthodontics is only part of a larger plan to put teeth into a better position.

Generally, treatments last between 6 to 9 months, and only rarely longer than 12 months.

We use invisible braces and set braces with white brackets.

Replacement of dark fillings

Dark fillings, made from metal (amalgam), consist mainly of heavy metals. It is a mixture of silver tin powder with mercury. Several studies have showed that amalgam fillings release mercury vapours into the mouth.

Aside from this, amalgam doesn't bond with the tooth, which causes the filling to be 'lose' in the hole as it were. Under stress, the filling can cause cracks, due to micro movements, which can eventually lead to pieces of tooth breaking off. To us, these are the most important reasons to replace amalgam fillings with composite or porcelain.

After all, composite and porcelain are tooth-coloured materials and these white restorations are more aesthetic than dark fillings.

Aesthetic gum corrections

Beautiful teeth are a product of symmetry and harmony between white teeth and pink gums.
The moment something is wrong with the gums, the final result will not be pleasing, however beautiful your teeth are.

With gums that 'aren't right' there might be too much or too little gum.

Too much gum is called a gummy smile. When you smile, there is too much gum visible.
Too little gum might indicate retreated gums or exposed cingulum (neck of the tooth).In both cases corrections are possible. Mostly with a simple, surgical procedure.


An implant is a titanium artificial root which can be used to replace missing teeth or as grip for a set of (partial) dentures.

In the case of a missing tooth, a crown or a bridge will be placed on top of the implant. A well-placed implant with a good crown is barely indistinguishable from a natural tooth.
Also, the implant functions as well and feels nearly as natural as your own teeth.

Implants can also be placed to offer grip for a set of dentures. Depending on the situation, 2 to 4 implants are placed in each jaw. With a special system the dentures can be clicked onto the implants. This way, the dentures will stay in place, making it easier to eat and giving you complete faith in your teeth.


Many people unknowingly suffer from inflammation of the gums. Gums become inflamed when a thin layer of plaque or tartar sticks to the teeth.
Chronic inflammation of the gums can, in time, lead to degradation of the jawbone. This process often happens over a longer period of time without any tell-tale symptoms. Eventually, teeth may become loose or you might even lose teeth. Inflammation of the gums with bone deterioration is called paradontitis.

Treatment of paradontitis starts with a so-called initial parodontal treatment. During this treatment the rate of bone deterioration is measured in 6 different places per tooth and all teeth are cleaned extensively. At the start of the treatment you receive individual and detailed advice on how to clean your mouth yourself.

Several weeks after the first treatments the result is evaluated and a determination is made whether further treatments are necessary.

Functional dental care

During the first visit, extensive attention will be paid to analysing the functioning of your teeth. Poor functioning of your teeth is an important factor in many problems. However, many people are not aware that their teeth do not function properly, as they have become used to their situation.

Poor functioning can be caused by an imbalanced load or through overtaxing (clamping/grinding) of the upper jaw against the lower jaw.

By tracing the problems the right treatment can be provided and the inflicted damage can be repaired.

There is
no such thing
as bad teeth.

What makes us different

What makes our service different for our patients is our working method.

Naturally, we use the best available techniques and apply these in our treatments. We do this through extensive international schooling and close working ties with top specialists both domestic and international.

But what truly differentiates us is our holistic vision of dental care.

We see your teeth as an integral part of your face.

Many complaints and imperfections (both aesthetic and others) trace their origins to the position of the jaws with relation to each other and/or the functioning of the masticatory muscles.

By analysing your teeth in a proper aesthetic and functional way and tracing the origin of possible problems together with you, we are able to offer you the care you need. So that after our treatment you only require regular maintenance without any unpleasant surprises.

In our vision, healthy teeth contribute to a 'good and carefree life'.

After all, a beautiful smile is your best calling card.

Enjoying a carefree smile.

Who are we

We want to offer you the best possible dental care. For this reason, our team consists of highly trained dental specialists. Within the team, each specialist carries out that part of the treatment best suited to his or her competences.

We are De Tandenkliniek

To offer each patient optimal care, De Tandenkliniek works together closely with different specialists.
Together with these specialists, regular multidisciplinary consultations take place and patients are transferred from one specialist to the other for specialised treatments.

I didn't
know the improvement would look so natural.


"I've been unhappy with my teeth since I was 12"

...and now I can finally be proud!
You're looking for the most beautiful, the most natural way and despite at first desperately wanting a 'Hollywood smile', in retrospect I'm very grateful for this approach.
- Harri�t


After recovering from spending a morning in your chair� I wanted to let you know how beautiful I think the result is.
And everybody thinks so. I really think I didn't make this clear yesterday. So, better late than never
- Maarten


I'm very happy with my new teeth! I've been smiling nonstop and have bought a ton of new lipstick!!
- Mevrouw Heemweg

"Natural improvement"

As you know, I was in doubt for a long time whether or not to have the gap between my teeth fixed. I was afraid I would get a 'Gerard Joling look'.
On the contrary � the improvement is very beautiful and subtle!
- Fabio

"Fantastic repair of my teeth"

...I don't really understand how you managed it� it's a real piece of art!!! I'm very pleased with it, it doesn't bother me at all, except for the feeling of having a full mouth again... and I can eat nuts and that sort of thing again...
- Erik

"My dentist said they couldn't have done a better job"

After a fall when I was 15, a piece of my front tooth broke off. My dentist repaired it with a filling. But it was always visible and it bothered me for years. He told me the only solution was an expensive crown.
But after a short operation with you, my front tooth aligns with the rest of my teeth perfectly again.
Thank you for the new filling.
- Anita

We use the latest insights and techniques.

Publications and education

De Tanden Kliniek in the media

We like to share our passion and knowledge about high-en, affordable and aesthetic dentistry. We like to share s well with colleagues as with our clients. We cooperated with RTL in the program ‘Medical Travel’ with an item on dental veneer. We share information about the process of making porcelain veneers and discuss all stages from esthetical analyses to mock-up to the placing of the veneers. In an education film we give information and share our experience about a new revolutionary product. The product enables us to help our clients with better esthetical outcomes for fillings and composite veneers. Spring 2017 is Annemie Grobbink the dentist of the program ‘Hotter Than My Daughter’. With Gordon, Annemie discusses the makeover of the candidates.



  • 13/06/1314:00 - 17:00 / Kontich (B)
    Workshop esthetic dentistry DENTA
  • 13/06/1318:00 - 21:00 / Mechelen (B)
    Workshop esthetic dentistry
  • 20/06/1314:00 - 17:00 / Gent (B)
    Workshop esthetic dentistry DPI


  • 10/07/13Harderwijk (NL)
    Workshop esthetic dentistry


  • 7/11/13Zwolle (NL)
    Restauratiefje NVVRT.
    Esthetische analyse; een functionele must.
  • 13/11/13Rotterdam (NL)
    Rotterdamse Tandarts Vereniging.
    Esthetische analyse; een functionele must.


  • 20/12/13Gent (BE)
    Universiteit van Gent.
    Treatmentplanning met esthetische analyse en workshop composiet veneers.


  • 11/01/14Herenthals (BE)
    Treatmentplanning met esthetische analyse en workshop composiet veneers.


  • 21/02/14Eindhoven (NL)
    Treatmentplanning met esthetische analyse en workshop composiet veneers.


  • 17/12/14Gent (BE)
    Universiteit van Gent.
    Treatmentplanning met esthetische analyse en workshop composiet veneers.


  • 16/10/15Amsterdam (NL)
    Presentatie en Hands-on.
    CERAM-X Duo en Universal, 2 laags frontrestauratie.


  • 14/01/16Amsterdam (NL)
    Lezing 'Gebitsslijtage' op het presymposium van het lustrumcongres van de NVVRT.


  • 24/06/16Utrecht (NL)
    Presentatie en Hands-on. Eenvoud in klasse II en frontrestauraties met CERAM-X Universal.


  • 02/12/16Amersfoort (NL)
    Presentation and Hands-on. 'Eenvoud in klasse II en frontrestauraties met CERAM-X Universal'.

Treatment in a modern, quiet environment.

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