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A beautiful smile is your best introduction!

Welcome to Dé Tandenkliniek

According to Dé Tandenkliniek having bad teeth does not exist. That’s why we are sure that Dé Tandenkliniek can offer a solution for every ‘problem’. From the desire to have straight, white teeth, to fixing a cavity or even a complete dental reconstruction. Annemie Grobbink and her team are passionate, dedicated professionals, who focus on personal attention and the patient’s satisfaction. We procure our patients to have a long-lasting, bright smile and healthy teeth.

Our View, our approach

A Holistic view

At Dé Tandenkliniek we do not do quick-fixes. We work from a holistic approach. The word Holism is based on the Greek word ‘Holon’, which means ‘Whole’. Holism considers the idea that everything is interrelated. Dé Tandenkliniek strongly believes in this way of thinking: we look at the teeth as an integral part of the face.

Our approach

Many dental problems and imperfections (aesthetical or not) are caused by the mutual alignment of the jaws and/or the functioning of the masseter (chewing) muscle. By analysing the aesthetics and the functioning of jaws and teeth, and tracing back possible problems, we are able to design appropriate treatment leading to long-lasting and natural results.


After the treatment, regular maintenance is the only thing needed. No more unpleasant surprises, a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. Everyone deserves that!

What we do


We enjoy sharing our passion and knowledge on high-end, affordable and aesthetic dentistry. With both our clients and colleagues. For instance, we produced an item about facings on the RTL4 TV show ’Medical Travel’. In an educational film we shared with colleagues our experience and advice on a new revolutionary product to make improved and more beautiful composite facings and fillings. Spring 2017, 2018 and 2019, Annemie Grobbink was the invited dentist on the ‘Hotter Than My Daughter’ TV show; she discussed the makeovers of various candidates with show hosts Gordon, Patty Brard and Bridget Maasland. We also edited some articles about case reports and extensive treatments


We are happy to share our knowledge with colleagues through lectures and hands-on training sessions. The main subjects are dental wear, orthodontics and aesthetic recovery. Each treatment plan and every lecture consist of the following components: first, the aesthetic analysis, followed by a thorough diagnosis. Only based on a clear diagnosis an evidence-based treatment plan can be drawn up. When developing the treatment plan, the different options must be considered carefully. The aim is to always procure minimal invasion.

Who we are

Dé Tandenkliniek

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Dé Tandenkliniek



Volkerakstraat 1

1078XM, Amsterdam.


+31 (0) 20 47 14 140



We can be reached from van mondays to fridays from 08.00 until 17:30.


Parking & public transport


Parking is possible in the street at a rate of around €4 per hour.

In the unlikely event that there is no space, you can park your car in the Qpark parking garage on Museumplein.

ATM machine


As an extra service, Dé Tandenkliniek has an ATM machine.

If you wish, you can pay your bill immediately and quickly by debit card, so that you do not have to pay at home by a transfer and save any possible extra costs.